Post-Truth Vodka
Post-Truth Vodka
Product of The Barnes Catmur & Friends Dentsu Truth Distillery

The Spirit of the Times

In 2016 Post-Truth was named word of the year. Which was ironic because really, it’s more like two words stuck together, but that’s the sort of dodgy carry-on we’ve all come to expect these days. There’s a general feeling that the Truth has been killed off. 

However, we don’t agree. At most the Truth has simply been hidden. And really, you couldn’t kill the Truth by ignoring it any more than you could destroy the sun by installing a Venetian blind. The Truth is always here. Somewhere. We just need to remember where we left it. 

That’s why we made this vodka: to encourage people to be more vigilant with the Truth, stop jumping to conclusions, question everything, examine personal biases, and always maintain a healthy degree of scepticism.

We are naturally suspicious of an advertising agency suddenly becoming a champion of truth, but we like Vodka.
— New Zealand Skeptics Society Inc.

Interested in the Truth?

With a limited run, Post-Truth Vodka is already in short supply, however a bottle is available via auction on TradeMe here with all proceeds going to the New Zealand Skeptics Society Inc.

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